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The photographs and notes on these pages are here mainly for myself, so I can take my notes out into the field on my laptop (note that these pages are best viewed in at least 1280x1024 resolution - I run my laptop at 1600x1200). These pages are a place in which I can accumulate notes on the image acquisition and processing steps taken and on the various objects themselves, not so much that they're particularly good examples of astrophotography. I've done a fairly large survey of objects (e.g., I've taken a shot of all of the Messier objects), and many of the photos are pretty poor, actually. I also apologize in advance for what you might think are strange colors for the text, background, and links. It turns out they show up just right for me when I have the laptop out in the desert taking photos and the laptop has a ruby-colored plastic screen over the display (for maintaining night vision).

However, as a side-effect, the photos are also available to share with family and friends. The details regarding how the photos were taken permits local astrophotography friends (and anyone else who happens across these pages) to compare and contrast with what they're doing and educate me and themselves.

Pretty much all of the photos were taken using my (basically unmodified) Meade LX10 in one way or another, be it piggybacking or through the telescope. Even though it isn't highly regarded for astrophotography, I've managed to get some good images with it. I picked up a TeleVue TV101 a little while ago but haven't had too much of a chance to use it yet. You'll see more and more shots through this scope now that I've also recently acquired a Losmandy G11 (with Gemini GOTO system) and images taken with this mount will begin to predominate.

Common photo notes: All of the film photos were taken with my Minolta Maxxum 7000i unless otherwise noted. Most of the CCD images were taken with my SBIG STV, a Starlight Xpress HX916, and now a SXV-H9. Some of the images were taken with other CCD cameras (notably a friend's Meade 216XT and SBIG ST7 and even one or two with my general-purpose Nikon CoolPix 990) and are noted as such.

NOTE: You might want to make monitor adjustment on a page by David Haworth to raise/lower the brightness and/or contrast on your display to best see some of these images. All of the photos show up well on my laptop but I need to adjust my desktop monitor to see them in the same way.

Favorite Photos: My favorite photos are in table form or try the "slideshow" style of perusing these favorites. I've singled them out either because they're the best looking (IMHO), one of my favorite objects, or they were difficult to take and turned out surprisingly well (IMHO). The links will either take you right to the relevant pages or to a page where the favorite shot is denoted with

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